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Our board certified surgeons take a skillful and artistic approach to plastic surgery


Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana

Welcome to Plástica Tijuana Surgery. Our board-certified plastic Surgeons in Tijuana take a skillful and artistic approach to cosmetic surgery. Your personal transformation can begin with just a phone call to our facility at Hospital Angeles Tijuana.

 comillaOur Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana have advanced training and experience performing a wide variety of surgical techniques, as well as a wide range of specialties.

At Plástica Surgery Tijuana we go the extra mile to educate you and help you feel supported during your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery experience. Our team of highly trained and experienced board-certified plastic surgeons, as well as our dedicated staff will support you to enjoy a rewarding surgical experience.

Scheduling your Consultation

Your first experience with Plástica Tijuana Surgery begins with our professional and courteous staff. Be certain that our staff can answer all of your questions and help you understand the breast, body and facial enhancement services and surgical procedures we offer. We provide flexible and extended office hours to accommodate your schedule.

At Plástica Tijuana Surgery our highly professional and knowledgeable staff realizes that patients need accurate information, skilled care, and close personal attention.

Our warm and dedicated staff wants your experience to be pleasant and will help you feel as reassured and relaxed as possible. Our staff maintains up-to-date training so that they are able to provide you information on all of the latest techniques and products.

Your Private Consultation

No matter how many hundreds our plastic surgeons have performed a specific procedure, they understands that no surgery is routine. Each and every patient is treated as an individual with his or her own aesthetic goals and unique physical characteristics.

Our surgeons and their staff never take for granted the trust and confidence you have in us. For this reason, a review of your medical history, your current health, your expectations for your surgery or procedure, and your goals and motivations for electing a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure are all taken into consideration before we will proceed.

As a guiding philosophy, our surgeons believe that excellence in performing plastic surgery procedures is derived from education, advanced training, and experience. Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes and Dr. Jacqueline Aragón continually strives to stay current on the latest techniques and standards so they can provide theirs patients with the safest medical/surgical environment, and the most optimal results.

Let’s Get Started

Do you need more information? Request your consultation online, or give us a call at 619-240. 8571 or 619 730.3855. You can schedule your visit with one of our plastic surgeons at our conveniently located office at Hospital Angeles Tijuana.

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes Diaz is certified by the prestigious Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, with extensive training in Mexico and the United States, and is one of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in the city. Dr Cervantes, completed a fellowship at one of the most famous hospitals in Mexico City and pioneers in plastic surgery worldwide.


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Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes

At Plástica Tijuana Surgery we offer advanced training, experience and personalized care.

Baja Doctor

Individual Care and Attention.

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes

At Plástica Tijuana Surgery we go the extra mile to educate our patients and help them feel supported during their cosmetic or reconstructive surgery experience.

Baja Doctor

The best plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Baja California are listed in our online medical directory, these doctors are board-certified and experienced.

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