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Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes is an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

comillas No longer Tijuana’s ‘best kept secret’, Plástica Tijuana Surgery is fast becoming the clinic of choice for those seeking fantastic, progressive surgery with natural looking results. Our patients are incredibly diverse and include many national and international celebrities.

Cosmetic Surgeon – Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes is a Mexican Board Certified specialist Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, with great experience of plastic surgery. He is now one of the most progressive and approachable plastic surgeons in Tijuana, México.

Dr Cervantes, is a new age cosmetic surgeon and has the reputation of being very down to earth and approachable – his manner towards patients is not stiff and aloof but warm, friendly and understanding! He has developed a consultation method that seamlessly blends professionalism with a relaxed tone.

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes

Dr. Cervantes Listens Being approachable is key to Dr Cervantes’ success as he understands how daunting the whole process of undergoing surgery can be – choosing the right procedure, the right surgeon and having to expose (often intimate) body parts to a stranger can be a nightmare. A relationship of mutual trust needs to develop and Dr Cervantes manages this during the initial consultation which is never rushed and takes as long as you need. He listens, taking time to make sure both you and he fully understand what you want, working out if your goals are realistic and achievable.

Factors to consider Dr Cervantes will take into consideration a number of factors such as your aesthetics and what looks natural, your age, medical history and lifestyle as well as your desires and personal need. He will then outline your bespoke surgical plan including expectations of surgery, recovery and aftercare.

comillas Deciding to renew your appearance is a big decision. And finding the right doctor to perform the procedure is important. Your doctor should explain the procedure, the benefits, the potential risks and complications, and answer all your questions, so you can decide if a procedure is right for you.

Personal Care When you choose Plástica Tijuana Surgery you are choosing Dr Cervantes – unlike other clinics you will meet him on your first consultation and he will follow you from surgery right through to the last follow up.

Artistic Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Cervantes is passionate about his craft and believes that 30% of a great surgical outcome relies on a surgeon`s artistic vision while the other 70% is comprised of a mixture of meticulous technique and expert knowledge. He understands that in order for new procedures to be considered legitimate they should pass the test of respected peer-reviewed publications.

Consultation Dr. Cervantes and his staff are dedicated to providing a remarkable surgical experience from start to finish. Dr. Cervantes provides open, honest surgical consultations, helping patients understand their treatment options and assess their cosmetic goals. He is able to pinpoint what makes patients look tired, aged or stressed, and provides the state-of-the-art treatments patients need to achieve their ideal results.

At Plastic Surgery Tijuana, your care doesn’t end when you leave surgery. Dr. Cervantes and his staff provide support throughout your recovery.  Our practice is staffed with a highly trained  nurses who can care for you while you recover. We are proud to provide this level of care so our patients can focus on their recovery and results.

Plastic Surgery Tijuana is a renowned provider of plastic and reconstructive treatments in Tijuana, México. Dr. Cervantes is a gifted face, body contouring and breast plastic surgeon. Over the years, manyliposculpture, tummy tuck and face lift patients have visited his practice to receive top-quality care. He also specializes in breast surgery, and is regarded as a top breast augmentation Tijuana surgeon.

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Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes, is a certified plastic surgeon, with extensive training in Mexico and the United States.

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