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Liposuction (see also Liposculpture, Abdominoplasty or “Tummy Tuck) removes troublesome, diet-resistant collections of fat to reshape your body. Individuals can exercise and reduce body fat yet still find themselves with the same stubborn bulges.

Liposuction can permanently re-contour annoying areas of localized fat. A re-contoured body can still gain weight but usually not in the disproportionate bulges, since those cells have been permanently removed, making liposuction one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available.

The results can be remarkable, even though your total weight may only change a little.


The fat is pretreated and softened with a wetting solution which facilitates the removal of unwanted fat.

We use the “superwet” technique. This is safer and more predictable than “tumescent” liposuction, which had some problems with safety from volume overload.

We do not perform extremely high volume liposuction since these are the cases which more often result in poor results and increased risk.

Plástica Tijuana Surgery is conveniently located at Hospital Angeles Tijuana. Our facility is only five minutes from the San Diego, California – Tijuana, Baja California Border.

Liposuction works best for smoothing out unwanted bulges and is not promoted or intended as a safe method for significant weight reduction.

comillas You’ll love the ways those jeans fit like perfection.

A compression garment is worn for up to six weeks to reduce the bruising and swelling that occurs during the first and second week after surgery. Usually after the first week, a patient can see and feel their new contour even though some of the swelling is still apparent.

The most requested areas for liposuction for women are abdomen, thighs, hips, and knees while for men most often request “lovehandles”, abdomen and breasts. Liposuction is an affordable, low risk and rapid recovery procedure.

If the skin is too loose, liposuction may result in sagging or bunching of the skin. Loose muscles after childbirth may also result in persistent bulging, despite thorough liposuction.

In this case, Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is required to tighten the skin and muscles, and flatten the tummy.  Abdominoplasty is a more extensive procedure. Recovery is longer, but the results are otherwise unobtainable if skin and muscles are loose.

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