Liposculpture surgery is a more refined method of removing body fat than liposuction. The instruments are smaller and the procedure is gentler, allowing for detailed body contouring that facilitates the best shape possible for any given individual. It is best done with tumescent anesthesia using local anesthetics which infiltrate only the parts of the body that require reshaping. Sedation is always given to enhance the comfort. You may be surprised at how painless the whole procedure is.

Though liposculpture surgery is more time consuming, it allows the surgeon to achieve the best possible results. Liposculpture surgery is a much more involved procedure than simple liposuction, requiring patience, a pair of keen eyes, the artistic flair of an artist and the hands of a sculptor. Add perfectionism to this list and you have an excellent liposculpture surgeon.

Liposculpture surgery can be carried out on several areas at the same time. Indeed, for best results, and to allow the feathering of one area into the next, it may be recommended that several areas be done in the same procedure in some cases.

Liposculpture surgery is performed in the following areas

Why Liposculpture Surgery? A variety of reasons prompt liposcuplture surgery, the most significant of which is usually that the patient has unwanted deposits of fat that will not go away in spite of exercise and dieting (often genetically programmed to be in those particular areas). Liposculpture helps to improve appearance, confidence and self esteem, and aesthetic body proportions can be restored. Clothes may fit better also. In some cases, people use liposcupture surgery to “kick start” a lifestyle modification program that includes a better diet and an exercise program.


How much fat can be removed? There are limits to the amount of local anesthetic that can be used safely in one operation. If large amounts of fat need to be removed, more than one session may be necessary. The removal of five liters of fat is considered to be the upper limit for tumescent liposcupture. However, for a heavier person, more can be removed in stages. Too much or too little fat can be removed, or it may be uneven, resulting in a minor contour defect such as rippling or dimpling. This can be corrected with a lesser operation to “fine tune” the result.


What results can I expect? It is important to stress that liposcupture provides the best results when there are localized areas of excess fat or an imbalance of the distribution of fat; for example, a woman with a pear shape. It is only an adjunct in the fight against obesity since the beneficial effects of exercise and a sensible diet are required in any quest for substantial weight loss.

Although fat can be removed from the abdominal wall, it may not result in that much desired “flat tummy” if there is laxity of the abdominal muscles. Removing one or two inches of fat from the front of the stomach will not significantly decrease the protrusion in these cases, and, if desired, a hospital surgical procedure is required to repair the muscle laxity or separation.


How much fat can be removed? Normal activities can be resumed the next day. More strenuous activities can be resumed in approximately two to four days, or as Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes advises.


When will I see the results? In about 48 hours you will see up to 70% of the final result of a liposculpture surgery. A month after the procedure, most patients look and feel completely recovered from the procedure.

It takes three months for the final result to be evident. Liposculpture to the calves and ankles requires a longer recovery period, with swelling of the ankles continuing for up to six months in some patients. Retraction of abdominal skin where excess fat has been removed will also show a slower recovery, taking up to six months.

The above information covers most, if not all, the benefits and possible complications of liposculpture surgery. Should you still have any questions, please contact Plástica Tijuana Surgery  for answers before making a decision to undertake the procedure. If you are well-informed about the alternatives, the benefits and risks, your expectations will become more realistic.


Liposculpture is a surgical technique used to permanently remove fat deposits that are often resistant to diet and exercise and produce an imbalance in your figure.


October 3, 2013 at 11:05 am