Barbie Nose Surgery

Our board certified surgeons take a skillful and artistic approach to plastic surgery

comillas Rhinoplasty which transforms you to be confident, sexy and cute just like a Barbie doll.

Barbie Nose Surgery at Plástica Tijuana Surgery considers overall facial line when the rhinoplasty is done and it plans not only the line and angle of the nose but also the overall line which riches from the forehead, the bridge of nose and to the chin in order to look natural making doll-like beautiful facial line at any angle.

barbie nose surgery

barbie nose

Features of the Barbie Nose Surgery

UP THE BRIDGE OF THE NOSE Surgery to make flat nose prominent with inner incision of the nose. Up the bridge of nose with artificial prosthesis or by autoplasty. Lively facial out line overall.

THE NASAL TIP Prominent nose by rhinoplasty with the nasal tip slightly upwards. Effects of stereoscopic, slim and refined image with personalized scientific nasolabial angle.

BEAUTIFULLY-ANGLED NASAL TIPP The nasal point of BARBIE-NOSE RHINOPLASTY is the most distinguishing point compared to other rhinoplasties. It connects from nasal bridge to nasal tip naturally and femininely making the BARBIE-NOSE.

SMOOTH AND NATURAL BRIDGE OF THE NOSE The bridge of the nose positioned at the middle of the forehead is the center of the whole face and essential point which decides impression influencing whole facial features.The BARBIE-NOSE RHINOPLASTY makes it prominent and natural with fine design harmonizing with each other facial feature.

comillas Make your nose higher from nasal bridge to the tip of the nose with BARBIE-NOSE SURGERY.

Special Features

You can get a pointy and natural nose that nobody will notice you ever had a surgery. Your nose will make you appear confident.

A nose altered by Barbie rhinoplasty is cute, but not upturned. Pointy nose tip will make you look sexy and elegant.

The reason rhinoplasty makes you look natural is that implants are customized to fit each individual’s nose.

Get an ideal nose that fits every situation – at club, party, job interview, blind date.


  • Operation Time: 40 – 50 minutes.
  • Anesthesia Method: Sedation.
  • Hospitalization: Ambulatory.
  • Recovery: 3 – 4 days.
  • Effectiveness: Permanent.

Taking the Next Step Take some time to decide if a Barbie Nose Surgery is right for you. Then, request a complimentary cosmetic consultation online or call (619) 240.8571 or Toll Free: (888) 259.9272. We are committed to providing you with superior care in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.