Cosmetic Surgery Case

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Kay’s Cosmetic Surgery Case

Kay Cano is a 55 year old Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), from Southern California.

Kay had a face lift, brow lift and arm lift at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, the surgery was performed by Dr. Jacqueline Aragón and Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes.

 comilla  “Surgery went great, process was easy, no problems in Tijuana Mexico. Dr. Cervantes and Dr. Aragon were the best! They were giving attention to the smallest details, and answered all my questions, going above and beyond my expectations.The staff so caring and professional.” Says Kay Cano

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Read Kay Cano’s surgery review at RealSelf.

Read Kay Cano’s surgery review at RealSelf.

comilla “Today I am over 4 week’s on my face lift and armlift and I had started going to a new bank 8 weeks ago, teller asked me if I had new haircut, or color, which I had not. She said I looked younger and more refreshed. I confessed my plastic surgery. She said it was perfect and I looked great!” Says Kay Cano.