Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery


Children with disproportionately prominent ears are often the victims of teasing and bullying, and many concerned parents approach plastic surgeons for help as their kids prepare to start school.

The ear surgery procedure known as otoplasty can correct oversized, protruding or misshapen ears in both children and adults alike, although a number of parents prefer to have the procedure performed when children are getting ready to begin school around age 5. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes understands the physical and emotional benefits that can accompany an otoplasty, and he has an excellent rapport with children backed up by more than two decades of experience and proven results.

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Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure that involves making small incisions behind the ears. Through these incisions, Dr. Cervantes is able to sculpt and reposition the ear’s cartilage into a symmetrical, natural-looking shape.

A head garment is typically worn for a few days following the procedure to support your ears in their new position. Typically, discomfort from otoplasty is minimal and easily managed with mild pain medications. Scarring is likewise minimal; otoplasty scars are hidden behind the ears and generally fade over time.

Overall recovery time from otoplasty is brief. Most patients, including children, are able to resume regular activities within a week following the procedure.

Dr. Cervantes is adept at explaining the procedure to children, and he welcomes parents and children to schedule a personal otoplasty consultation at Plastica Tijuana Surgery.

Other Ear Procedures

In addition to otoplasties, Dr. Cervantes can treat problems caused by earrings including:

  • Earring pull-throughs
  • Skin damage caused by gauge-style earrings

AIf you’re interested in learning more about otoplasty or other ear procedures, please contact Plástica Tijuana Surgery office, at Hospital Angeles Tijuana. We also welcome patients from Los Angeles, San Diego and Baja California areas.